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WL 312

- Experiments on the heat transfer in air flows
- Flexible base unit
- Comprehensive range of accessories


Technical Description

The trainer comprises an insulated duct through which air is drawn with the aid of a fan. The air flow generated is homogeneous due to a specially shaped inlet area. Different heat exchanger elements can be inserted in the duct: plain tubes (WL 312.01), finned tubes (WL 312.02), direct expansion coil (WL 312.03).

Velocity distributions and pressure loss are measured with a pitot tube and an inclined tube manometer. Temperature and humidity sensors are included. The following accessories are recommended for supplying the heat exchanger: hot water bench (WL 312.10), cold water bench (WL 312.11), condensing unit (WL 312.12).

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Experiments without accessories
- recording the fan characteristic curve
- velocity distribution in the duct

Experiments with accessories
- heat transfer at plain tubes (WL 312.01, together 
  with WL 312.10 / WL 312.11)
- heat transfer at finned tubes (WL 312.02, together
  with WL 312.10 / WL 312.11)
- heat transfer at a direct expansion coil 
  (WL 312.03, together with WL 312.12)



[1] air duct for the investigation of the heat transfer in air flows
[2] use of different heat exchangers in the air duct
[3] insulated air duct with flow straightener
[4] radial fan with adjustable flow rate
[5] pitot tube with inclined tube manometer to measure velocity distribution and pressure loss
[6] pressure sensor, combined temperature and humidity sensor
[7] switch cabinet with digital displays

Technical Data

Air duct cross-section: 150x300mm
- power: 1100W
- max. flow rate: 1680m³/h
- max. pressure difference 1000Pa
- nominal speed: 2840min-1
Pitot tube: travel 300mm
Inclined tube manometer: 0...100Pa
Sensor measuring ranges
- temperature: 2x 0...50°C
- humidity: 2x 100% rel. humidity
- pressure: 2x 0...10mbar

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 2310x750x1800mm
Weight: approx. 150kg Required for Operation 230V, 50Hz, 1 Phase

Scope of Delivery
1 trainer
1 manual

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