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Visual AutoTrack

BioSonics VisAcq AutoTrack Fish Track Echogram


Real-Time Processing Tool to Automatically Build and Record Fish Track Lists

Simply configure and collect data as usual in Visual Acquisition, then use VisAcq AutoTrack generate valuable information, including fish density, distribution by depth strata or distance, size distribution and total number of tracked fish.

Conventional processing methods can take hours of valuable time. VisAcq AutoTrack is quick, easy, and best of all, it’s automatic – no further analysis or additional software required to obtain usable information for fisheries management.  Just imagine how much time and money you can save with VisAcq AutoTrack!

VisAcq AutoTrack is compatible with any data files collected using a DT-X echosounder. You can even generate track lists from your previously collected files by using a handy re-processing utility. Download Visual Acquisition to preview in demonstration mode, view sample track lists, and playback files your existing files!


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