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Table-mounted frames and fixtures


The frame dimensions are selected in accordance with the equipment to be mounted on the frame. Its horizontal structure consists of an aluminium section, and it has quadrangular iron side supports.

As regards locating the frame on the work table, it may be fixed (the frame can be fixed to the tables) or mobile (if it is to be used as a mobile frame, it is supplied with removable legs with non-slip feet).

The module power supply and fixing systems consist of a series of connectors into which the connection points located on the rear of the modules are inserted, exerting a slight pressure. All the frame connectors are interwired in order to share a common voltage, guaranteeing a suitable power supply to the modules installed.


This system has two main functions:

  • It serves as a physical support for the modules, blocks and panels used in the practical activities.
  • It transmits the electrical supply from the supply modules to all the modules requiring it.


The power is supplied from the frame via a specific supply module.

9EQB2P36CP Table-mounted training module for 36 single modules in 2 tiers.
9EQB1P18CP Table-mounted training module for 18 single modules in 1 tier.
9EQB1P14CP Table-mounted training module for 14 single modules in 1 tier.
9EQB2P20CP Table-mounted training module for 20 single modules in 2 tiers.
9EQB1P10CP Table-mounted training module for 10 single modules in 1 tier.
9EQPCBLBSM Cable holder accessory for training frame.

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