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ST 510


Technical Description

The routing of sewers is particularly important in wastewater engineering. Pipe inclinations, pipe inlets and outlet, reducers and cross-sections must be considered when designing systems, taking into account interactions between the components. In particular, the pressure distribution in complex pipe systems places high demands on design engineers. Design errors lead to noise, empty drain traps and clogged pipes. 

ST 510 allows a variety of experiments in the field of wastewater engineering and enables the visualisation of flow processes in sewers. 

The experimental plant includes an extensive drainage pipe system based on common real-world elements. The pipes are transparent to allow visualisation of the flow processes. The cisterns are located in the top part of the experimental plant. These are opened or closed individually via solenoid valves. In addition, the bypass, ventilation pipe and pressure flushing are equipped with solenoid valves. The solenoid valves are triggered via a remote control. The system can be used to study the flow and pressure curve at different types of junctions, pipe offsets, cross-sectional changes and drain traps under different aeration and ventilation conditions. The system contains a closed water circuit with collection tank and pump.

There are pressure measuring points located along the downpipe to measure the pressure conditions in the wastewater system. The measuring points are connected to a tube manometer via hose connections. The flow rate is determined via a rotameter.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- pressure curve in the downpipe
- bypass
- incorrect flow behaviour with defective aeration of the pipes
- incorrect flow behaviour with incorrect pipe sizing 
- flow at pipe offset
- suction effect at junctions
- behaviour of sanitary valves and fittings
- function of various drainage pipes


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