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SIRVAUT Interactive system of breakdowns Virtual Repair for the automotive

Didactic application

The learning model is based on developing activities with real vehicle components, available in a didactic medium to ease the student’s learning process, so that:

  • It has real application, integrating effectively all the target contents for learning about lighting.
  • It helps to significantly reduce learning time in the procedure-related activities thanks to the easy accessibility of the components and checking points. Furthermore it maintains the characteristics of the equipment assembled on the vehicle.
  • It is motivating for the student.

Access with password

The student may access by entering its personal password. The teacher has access to the exclusive use restricted area by means of a personal password.


Virtual repair of breakdowns

  • Causes breakdowns and malfunctions in the trainers of the automotive industry.
  • Different levels of breakdowns repair and indications.
  • Guided repair through the authorization option.
  • Checking of the individual repair process through historics.
  • Introduction of breaks in the repair process.




It allows the teacher to control detailed data and activities of the students in the courses.

It allows the student to broach the break down analyse and diagnosis systematically and iteratively.


Classroom management

Management of the students groups and their individual data.

  • Possibility of creating subgroups within a class.
  • Data export and import to floppy disk.
  • Printing of historic in different formats.



Individual work and teamwork

Its database stores very useful information for the assessment of the work carried out by each student and by group.

Connecting any trainer of automotive industry to a PC is possible when the SIRVAUT program is installed with list of trainers.

Fuel injection
Direct diesel injection
Multiplexed electrical systems
Air conditioning trainer
Xenon headlights trainer

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