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SE 100 Frame for load testing 400kN

- Testing frame for loading experiments on components from steelwork and civil engineering
- Specially for large components in 1:1 scale
- Double frame with intermediate space, for components longer than the size of the frame opening
- Test forces up to 400 kN


Technical Description

This testing frame is primarily used for loading experiments on components from steelwork and civil engineering. It is specially designed for large components in 1:1 scale. The design with its double frame and intermediate space permits specimens longer than the size of the frame opening to be investigated. In this way the possible uses of the testing frame are almost unlimited. The frame components are manufactured from U section St52. The corners of the frame are formed by joints rigid to bending, each is fastened together with 9 high-strength bolts. The testing frame is delivered in pre-assembled modules; it is assembled on site and placed on four adjustable, vibration damping bearings. The hydraulic ram systems available as accessories are on rollers and can be positioned as required within the frame.  

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Bending, loading, compression experiments on large girders, beams, trusses and other components from the area of steelwork and civil engineering


[1] Large loading frame for experiments on construction components from steelwork and civil engineering using bending, tensile and compression forces
[2] Constructed from U 400 steel profiles St52
[3] Frame opening w x h 4100x1700mm
[4] Width between frame levels 635mm
[5] Test force in central position max. 300kN
[6] Test force off-centre max. 2x200kN
[7] Frame corners formed by joints rigid to bending, each with 9 high-strength bolts
[8] Installation on four adjustable vibration damping bearings

Technical Data

Frame opening w x h: 4100x1700mm
Free width between pillars: 635mm
Permissible testing forces
- central position: 300kN
- off-centre: 2x 200kN 
Profile used: U 400

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 5000 x 1350 x 2640 mm
Weight : approx. 1800 kg

Scope of Delivery
1 steel profile frame

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