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SBS Long Range Threat Identification Sonar

Product Features

  • Patented “networked sonar” technology features BioSonics Split Beam Sonar technology providing enhanced behavioral and signal processing target classification capabilities
  • Enhanced target classification minimizes Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR)
  • Automatically generates real-time user selectable alerts:
    • Range to Target
    • Bearing to Target
    • Speed of Target
    • Target Track Heading
    • Latitude, Longitude of Target
    • Target Depth-below-surface
    • Sensor Alert Time Stamp
    • Classification
    • Confidence Level


The Split Beam Sonar (SBS) Long Range Threat Identification System is an underwater security system designed to identify divers, UUVs and nuisance targets at long range, and is comprised of a top-side control unit and one or more Split Beam Sonar (SBS) sensors.


The system can be programmed to automatically “slew-to-cue,” and focus on, track and further classify targets detected by wide area coverage multibeam diver detection systems.



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