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RT 701 Components set electrohydraulics



  • Set of electrohydraulics components for the training system RT 700


Technical Description

Hydraulic systems are very common in drive engineering. These drives are often electrically controlled. Therefore, hydraulics and electrohydraulics are very important for vocational training.

The RT 701 enables to set up various electrically controlled drives. The set enables the trainee to study both hydraulics and electric systems. 

RT 701 can only be used together with the training system RT 700. All components are compatible with RT 700.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Together with RT 700, the following experiments are possible (among others)
- locking
- sequence control
- hold a load

Experimental components
- 1 plate with electric switching elements, 2 electric limit switches
- 2 relays, 1 adjustable time relay
- 2 4/2-way valves with spring return
- 1 4/3-way valve, spring-centered, A, B, P, T closed in centre position
- 1 4/3-way valve, spring-centered, A and B closed



[1] additional set for the training system RT 700 
[2] 2 relays, 4 change over contacts each
[3] time relay, 2 change over contacts, 0...30sec
[4] 4 way solenoid valves 24VDC: 2x 4/2-way valve, 2x 4/3-way valve
[5] 2 electrical limit switches, 1 make contact
[6] electric switching elements, 2 break contacts, 2 make contacts

Technical Data

Power supply: 24VDC
Components mounted on plates
Set of measuring leads: 4mm plug, red, black
Electric switching element: 2 push buttons, 1 switch

Dimensions and Weight
Weight  approx. 15kg Required for Operation 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 components set, 1 manual

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