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RT 450.04 Controlled system module: temperature



  • Main element in constructing a temperature control loop
  • Rapid installation into the RT 450 base module bymodular panel assembly


Technical Description

The RT 450.04 controlled system module is a panel-mounted ready-to-install element. In conjunction with other modular control components, it enables temperature control systems with different characteristic features to be constructed and investigated.

The panel is mounted on the frame of the base module RT 450. The main elements of the controlled system module are: an electric heater installed in a section of pipe, and a plate heat exchanger between the primary and secondary water circuits. The heater can either be operated by a switching controller and so act as the control loop actuator, or can operate in continuous duty as a pure energy source. In operation as a continuous controller, with the heater as the energy source, a choice of two different valves (pneumatic or electric) can be used as actuators in the primary circuit.

For safety, the heater features a thermostat and a device to protect it from running dry. The primary circuit (with heater) is connected by pipelines to the water supply of the base module RT 450, while the secondary circuit requires a laboratory water supply for cooling. Counterflow or parallel flow cooling is possible. The connection to the laboratory network is made by quick-release couplings and hoses.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- planning, setting up, testing, optimising and assessing temperature control loops with different objectives and components
- design and function of different instrumentation and control components
- technical terminology and symbols in industrial control engineering
- practical exercises: implementing process and signal lines 
- commissioning and troubleshooting of process engineering systems



[1] construction of a temperature control loop (in conjunction with other modules of the RT 450 series)
[2] ready-to-install compact panel assembly
[3] electric heater with thermostat and dry-running protection
[4] direct temperature display at heater outlet with bimetallic thermometer
[5] heater is either an actuator or a continuous heater
[6] plate heat exchanger, operating in counter-flow or parallel-current mode
[7] primary circuit with heater and heat exchanger, connected to water supply of base module RT 450
[8] flow of primary circuit controlled by hand-operated valve 
[9] secondary circuit of heat exchanger connected to laboratory water supply

Technical Data

Plate heat exchanger
- number of plates: 20
- heat transfer surface: 0,72m²
- flow rate: max. 3m³/h
Heater with thermostat and dry-running protection
- power output: 2kW
- temperature limitation by thermostat: 65°C
 Thermometer at heater outlet: 0...100°C

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 510x200x650mm
Weight: approx. 20kg Required for Operation Water connection: max. 3m³/h

Scope of Delivery
1 heater and 1 plate heat exchanger mounted on panel, complete with piping, valve, safety elements, temperature sensor fixtures, connections to RT 450 piping system

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