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RT 450.03 Controlled system module: pressure



  • Main element in constructing a pressure control loop
  • Rapid installation into the RT 450 base module by modular panel assembly


Technical Description

The RT 450.03 controlled system module is a panel-mounted ready-to-install element. In conjunction with other modular control components, it enables pressure control systems with different characteristic features to be constructed and investigated.

The panel is mounted on the frame of the base module RT 450. RT 450.03 consists of two steel pressure tanks and is operated with compressed air as the working medium. Each tank is fitted with a manometer and a safety valve. One tank also has a drain valve. Both tanks can be fitted with a pressure sensor. The tanks are interconnected by a vent valve and can therefore be connected in series. This makes it possible to represent both first and second order pressure control systems.

The RT 450 base module supplies the controlled system module with its working compressed air. Pneumatic hoses with quick-release couplings connect all the modules to a pressure control loop.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- planning, setting up, testing, optimising and assessing pressure control loops with different objectives and components
  * constructing a 1st order pressure control system
  * constructing a 2nd order pressure control system
- design and function of different instrumentation and control components
- technical terminology and symbols in industrial control engineering
- practical exercises: Implementing process and signal lines 
- commissioning and troubleshooting of process engineering systems


[1] construction of a pressure control loop (in conjunction with other modules of the RT 450 series)
[2] ready-to-install compact panel assembly
[3] 2 pressure tanks with safety valves
[4] direct pressure indication by 2 manometers
[5] valve permits series configuration of both pressure tanks
[6] series configuration of pressure tanks: investigation of coupled controlled system response compared to single-tank operation
[7] 2 valves: 1x drain, 1x vent
[8] copper piping 
[9] compressed air as working medium, supply via base module RT 450

Technical Data

Pressure tank
- capacity: 3L
- operating pressure: max. 6bar
- manometer: 0...10bar
Safety valve: adjustable to max. 10bar

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 510x175x600mm
Weight: approx. 15kg Required for Operation Compressed air supply via RT 450

Scope of Delivery
2 pressure tanks mounted on panel, complete with valves and manometers

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