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RT 304


Technical Description

The calibration trainer is used to investigate the transmission behaviour of electrical and pneumatic control loop components such as transducers and control valves. Electrical and pneumatic signals can be generated to effect actuation of the individual control loop components. A precision measuring technique facilitates the recording of the output signals from the control loop components.

Two pressure regulators with manometers are included to generate pneumatic signals and supply the control loop components with auxiliary power. A height-adjustable tank with a level tube and scale is used to set low pressures for manometer calibration. The pressure regulators can also be used to calibrate at higher pressures.
Two direct voltage sources are included as auxiliary power sources for components requiring an electrical supply. Direct current signals can be sent and measured with two controllers. Two precision manometers permit measurement of pneumatic output signals from control loop components.
Various control loop components such as transducers, control valves and controllers are available as accessories. They are mounted on the calibration trainer and connected by way of the supplied hoses and cables.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Together with the accessory control loop components
- mode of operation of control loop components
  * transducers
  * actuators
  * controllers
- familiarisation with different signals 
  * pneumatic
  * electrical
- correct connection of control loop components
- transmission behaviour of control loop components
- calibration of manometers


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