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Odisea Milling machine


Design optimised for agile and reliable operation, integrated in a single body which provides it with the stability and rigidity needed to obtain high machining capacity.

  • Linear recirculating ball bearing guides.
  • Precision spindles with double ground nut.
  • High precision bearings in the spindle axis.


Because safety is a vital factor, with this product we offer an extremely safe option, adapted to the needs of the training process.

The electromechanical locking system of the protection guard, together with the emergency button and the approved safety modules, stop the user from coming into contact with the moving parts.

Clean work area thanks to integral protective casing which gathers the swarf and coolant without blocking visualisation and access for loading, unloading and verification operations.


This is a CNC industrial milling machine with three axes, which has been specially designed for training purposes and provides excellent robustness.

Industrial CNC

There are different CNC options adaptable to the machine, according to requirements.

Flexible configuration

The modular concept makes it possible to configure the equipment based on the selection of different optional devices, going from basic configuration to a completely automatic solution, ready to be integrated in advanced FMS or CIM systems.

Training for the future

People’s professional development must be based on activities which allow the transfer of the acquired knowledge to other contexts similar to those used during the learning/ teaching process.

Our equipment provide excellent educational resources thanks to their capacity to induce real work situations on which to contextualise the learning process. We offer the perfect instrument to orchestrate training activities which lead to the development of future professionals.


Technical characteristics

Longitudinal X axis travel 200 mm
Transversal Y axis travel 200 mm
Vertical Z axis travel 200 mm
Measurements of the work table 450×180 mm
Maximum spindle-table distance 320 mm
Spindle taper ISO 30
Spindle motor Three-phase asynchronous 1,5 kW
Spindle rotation speed From 100 to 4000 rpm
Spindle taper ISO 30
Axes activation motors CC (1.44 Nm)
Quick advance 5000 mm/min
Electronic resolution 0,001 mm
Door opening Automatic
Monophase power supply 230V 50/60Hz
Measurements 1470x 918x 1855 mm
Approximate weight 550 Kg


Volantes electrónicos (opcionales)
Electronic controls (optional)

Chucks and tools

Emergency button

Certified electronic devices


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