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MT 140.20

- Learning software with calculations and AutoCAD drawings
- Computer animated demonstration of complex correlations: Functions and assembly steps
- Comprehensive package with clear menu structure


Technical Description

The  MT 140.20 learning software was developed specially for the piston compressor assembly trainers MT 140.02 and MT 140. It is designed for use in teaching at technical colleges, and is intended to motivate students using demonstration and illustration. The piston compressor assembly project is analysed under a number of headings: assembly/disassembly; functional descriptions; modules and components; calculations and technical data. The user is guided through the assembly process with clear, descriptive computer animations. Various functions are explained by computer-generated visualisation of the moving compressor. Students can also access the supplied AutoCAD or Excel files with drawings and parts lists. The calculation module is used to detemine screw sizes, determine forces, and design the connecting rod. Password-protected configuration files permit custom adaptation to the specific teaching situation by allowing or barring access to modules and files. The software also includes a quiz with a variable set of questions.


  Only if the hardware is used together with this learning software, the didactic function of the software becomes completely apparent to the user. The software is therefore only available together with the assembly trainers.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- understanding engineering drawings, exercises with AutoCAD files
- printout of parts lists
- planning the assembly sequence
- familiarisation with single parts and modules
- virtual assembly and disassembly
- explanation of functions
- computer-aided calculations
- dealing with design aspects
- use of Technical English on a real project



[1] multimedia learning software as an accessory to assembly projects MT 140.02 and MT 140
[2] simple operation with user interfaces similar to MS Windows
[3] access to parts lists and drawings with AutoCAD or MS Excel
[4] editable drawings and parts lists
[5] password-protected configuration files
[6] language options: German and English
[7] integrated quiz with catalogue of questions (order of questions can be varied to suit lesson/test)

Technical Data

Language options

- German and English
Minimum hardware and software requirements

- PC with Windows XP or higher

Scope of Delivery
2 CDs
1 instruction manual

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