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MG 100

- Practical workshop exercise relating to pin joints
- Familiarisation with various pin types, their special features and applications


Technical Description

The practice kit provides the material necessary for students to systematically learn how components can be joined together in a professional way using pins. Both flat and cylindrical parts are pinned together. We recommend that the exercises are carried out in a workshop, as all preparations such as scribing, drilling, clamping, reaming and joining must be carried out in a correct and proper manner by the student.

The material is clearly laid out on a plastic tray. The well-structured instructional material outlines all the necessary technical information and provides a step-by-step guide through the exercises.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- familiarisation with different types of pin and their specific applications: grooved pins, dowel pins, straight pins, tapered pins 
- familiarisation with the relevant standard designations and terms, including graphical representation
- planning and execution of all steps in the workshop environment
- familiarisation with types of pinned joint
- working with fits and tolerances


[1] set of material for workshop exercises relating to pin joints
[2] joining flat items
[3] joining cylindrical items
[4] pin puller 
[5] all parts clearly laid out on a tray
[6] multiple trays stackable

Technical Data
Straight pins: d=6, 8mm
Grooved pins: d=3, 5, 8mm
Dowel pins: d=5mm
Tapered pins: d=6, 8mm 
Studs: d=8mm
Shaft with set collar: shaft diameter: d=40mm
All parts made from steel, some with gunmetal finish

Dimensions and Weight

LxWxH: 500x350x110mm (tray)
Weight: approx. 14kg

Scope of Delivery
1 complete set of material, laid out on a tray
1 set of instructional material

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