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IA 520 Computer integrated manufacturing and handling system



  • Familiarisation with the sequences involved in an automated manufacturing process 
  • PLC and process control software for sequence monitoring
  • 5-axis servo robot as overhead system1 
  • Communication between PLC and control software via USB


Technical Description

The IA 520 training system presented here represents a fully functional CIM cell (CIM = Computer Integrated Manufacturing). The system allows an automated manufacturing process to be created. The IA 520 demonstrates the basic processes of handling (robots), manufacturing (CNC machining), and control (PLC). An overhead robot on a travel unit supplies two CNC machines with raw parts taken from a magazine. The machined dimensions of the parts are checked in an inspection station before the parts are placed in a finished parts store. Defined planning and control data is used to control various machines. The relevant data is stored in a software program, and is processed by the control units of the individual machines. A PLC system monitors and controls the process. The manufacturing cell is equipped with all necessary sensors and control devices.

The control and programming software for the CNC machines, the robot, the travel unit and the software for the PLC (monitoring and control) are installed on two PCs. The sequences in the CIM cell can be altered by modifying the PLC programming. Using a patchboard, control inputs and outputs can be interconnected such that the machines can be flexibly configured and custom concepts implemented (such as the integration of additional elements). A demo program for a manufacturing process is included.

Safety devices prevent reaching into the working area during operation of the CIM cell.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- creating part data
- writing a CNC program 
- programming an industrial robot, including teach-in
- programming a travel unit
- programming a PLC
- analysis of process sequences
- intermeshing individual sequences
- investigation of the kinematics of robots
- development of safety concepts
- starting up and shutting down automated systems
- response to malfunctions


[1] demonstration of automated processes in a CIM cell
[2] robot with travel unit as overhead system
[3] CNC milling machine with pneumatic vice
[4] CNC lathe with automatic tool changer, pneumatic chuck and pneumatic safety guard opening
[5] stock with gravity feed for spherical material, capacity dependent on diameter of part
[6] inspection station, e.g. for checking part diameter
[7] finished parts store with self-centering pallets and interchangeable part mounts
[8] sequence control of the individual manufacturing steps by PLC and process control software
[9]  communication between PLC and PC via USB
[10] programming software for CNC machines, robot, PLC, travel unit under Windows 7
[11] required compressed air supply: 6bar

Technical Data
Travel unit with DC servo motor
- travel: 2700mm
- repeat accuracy: 0,1mm
- max. velocity: 1,4m/s
5-axis robot with AC servomotors
- all 5 axes can be moved simultaneously
- 2-finger gripper: gripping force adjustable via compressed air
CNC lathe
- drive power output: 490W
- distance between centres: 140mm
- height of centres: 20mm
- spindle speed: 200...3200min-1 
- programmable feed: 0...1500mm/min
CNC milling machine and drill
- drive power output: 450W
- travel: x=225mm / y=150mm / z=140mm
- spindle speed: 350...3500min-1
- 40 digital inputs / 1 analogue input
- 40 digital outputs

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 3270x1540x2350mm
Weight: approx. 717kg Required for Operation 400V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase or 230V, 60Hz/CSA, 3 phase
Compressed air connection: min. 6bar

Scope of Delivery
1 CIM cell
2 PCs
1 set of instructional material

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