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HM 365.32


Technical Description

Together with HM 365.31, the HM 365.32 supply unit can be used to operate a Pelton or Francis turbine, whose characteristic operating behaviour can then be investigated.

The separate turbines from HM 365.31 are placed on the working surface of the supply unit and screwed in place. The turbine is connected to the supply unit via a hose. After the water has flowed through the turbine, it flows back into the tank. Thanks to its closed water circuit, the trainer is independent from the mains water supply and can be used in mobile applications. The flow rate and/or the pressure present at the turbine can be adjusted by a flow control valve.

The supply unit is equipped with sensors for pressure and flow rate. The measured values are displayed digitally. The mechanical turbine output is measured via the HM 365 Universal Drive and Brake Unit, which is also required. The brake unit is used to adjust constant speeds or torques, allowing experiments to be carried out in different operating modes.

The measured values are read from digital displays on the supply unit and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC where they can be analysed using the software included.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

in conjunction with HM 365 and a Pelton or Francis turbine from HM 365.31
- determination of the mechanical output of the turbines
- determination of the hydraulic output of the turbines
- determine the efficiencies of the turbines
- plot characteristic curves
- influence of the guide vane position on the characteristic curve when using the Francis turbine
- influence of the nozzle cross-section on the characteristic curve when using the Pelton turbine


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