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HM 365.20


Technical Description

Oil pumps are driven machines. Depending on the viscosity of the oil they work either according to the positive displacement principle for for high viscosity oils, or as rotodynamic pumps for low viscosity oils. Oil pumps are used to deliver oil required in machines or plants for the purpose of lubrication or cooling. Another area of application is the use of oil to transfer energy in the field of hydraulics. 

The supply unit HM 365.20 provides the working medium oil for several oil pumps (HM 365.21 to HM 365.24). The pumps are powered by the drive unit HM 365. 

The trainer includes a closed oil circuit with an internal oil tank. The individual pumps are placed on the work surface and connected via hoses. To power the pump, it is connected to the drive unit HM 365 with a V-belt. The supply unit is equipped with a closed-circuit air/oil cooling system that cools the oil. 

The flow rate is measured with an oval wheel flow meter. A temperature sensor records the temperature in the piping system. The trainer has pressure sensors to measure the inlet and outlet pressures. The measured values are read from digital displays on the supply unit and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC, where they can be analysed using the included software.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

in combination with HM 365 and a pump of the series HM 365.21 - HM 365.24 
- recording of pump characteristics
- determination of the power requirement of the pump
- determination of the hydraulic power of the pump
- determination of the pump efficiency
- determination of the system characteristics and the operating point of the pump


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