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HM 365


Technical Description

HM 365 is the base module of the GUNT-FEMLine, on which students can carry out experiments on fluid machinery. This equipment series covers five training courses on water and oil pumps, turbines, and systems engineering and engine technologies.

The complete experimental setup includes the base module HM 365, the fluid energy machine to be investigated and, where needed, a supply unit or a test stand. The fluid energy machine under investigation is connected to the HM 365 base module via a belt drive. Fasteners connect the HM 365 and the trainer to the accessories.

The main function of HM 365 is to provide the drive or brake power necessary to study the selected driving or driven machine. This power is generated by an air-cooled asynchronous motor with a frequency converter. The asynchronous motor operates as a generator or a motor, as required. As a generator, it acts as a brake on the fluid energy machine, in this case motors or turbines, and diverts the energy. As a motor, it powers the fluid energy machine under investigation, e.g. pumps or compressors. 

The energy that is created during the braking process in generator mode is converted into heat at a load resistor. The drive and/or brake torque can be adjusted precisely. It is measured with a force sensor. For this purpose, the asynchronous motor is suspended as a pendulum. The motor can be moved to tension the V-belt.

HM 365 is fitted with digital displays for speed and torque. Data between the base module and the accessories are exchanged through a data cable. The measured values can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC. Each of the individual accessories is delivered with specific evaluation software. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

Asynchronous motor as a drive or brake unit in connection with one of the accessories
- torque measurement
- speed measurement


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