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HM 163.72


Technical Description

Flow in rivers, canals and coastal areas is often associated with sediment transport. Bed-load transport is the main transport mechanism. During bed-load transport, solids are moved along the flume bottom.

HM 163.72 enables experiments on bed-load transport and consists of a sediment trap and a bucket for sediment feed. The sediment trap prevents the sediment of entering into the pump or the flow meter of the experimental flume HM 163.

The near-bottom flow containing the sediment is fed into the trap, where the sediment sinks to the bottom and accumulates. The sediment-free water continues to flow into the outlet element. The sediment is manually removed and taken back to the feed.

The sediment trap is mounted between experimental section and outlet element during the setup of the experimental flume. It is not possible to install the trap at a later date.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- observation of bed-load transport along the flume bottom
  * rolling and saltation bed-load transport
- formation and migration of ripples and dunes 

together with HM 163.29 or HM 163.46
- fluvial obstacle marks


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