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HM 162.46


Technical Description

Obstacles in flumes reduce the flow cross-section. This may lead to to backwaters upstream of the obstacles.

HM 162.46 contains several piers with different profiles typical for bridge piers. The discharge behaviour with little reduction of cross-section is studied with a single pier. Up to three piers mounted at the same time cause a considerable reduction of cross-section.

The effect of the angle of attack can be studied by turning the mounted pier.

A clamping device fixes the pier(s) in the experimental flume. An angle scale indicates the angle between pier nose and flow.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- subcritical discharge with little or considerable reduction of cross-section
- supercritical discharge with little or considerable reduction of cross-section
- effect of the pier profile 
- backwater upstream of piers
- flow transition at the pier
- effect of angle of attack


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