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HL 530


Technical Description

The HL 530 is used to illustrate the functioning of a gas combination boiler. The main components of the gas boiler are clearly arranged on a panel to allow better understanding. A process schematic also illustrates the function. The HL 530 allows demonstration of a heating circuit and representation of domestic water heating. A plate heat exchanger is used to simulate a radiator. Cold water is fed through the heat exchanger as a heating load. A viewing window allows observation of the gas flame in the burner. Built-in thermometers and flow meters allow the recording of measured values to determine the power and efficiency. The unit is operated with liquid gas (propane) and is therefore independent of any pre-installed natural gas lines.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with the functioning of a combination boiler
- understanding of a heating circuit 
- domestic water heating 
- measurement of gas pressures on a gas boiler
- determination of power and efficiency


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