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HL 356


Technical Description

The HL 356 demonstrates the basic functioning of an original gas burner and its typical behaviour in case of faults. Standard industrial components are used. All operating states of the burner are simulated, allowing this demo unit to be operated without gas and flames. The unit is therefore totally non-hazardous and has no gas or waste gas lines. On the front panel is a graphical representation of the controller unit connection. Important electrical monitoring points (controller unit terminals) on the burner are accessible for fault analysis using lab jacks and bridges on the front panel. Faults can thus be checked either during operation under voltage or with no voltage as an isolated component.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Specification of boiler temperature at the thermostat (reference variable) using potentiometer
- Specification of boiler water temperature using potentiometer
- Representation of flame aspect and burner operating state displays
- Possible faults (activated using pushbuttons): 
  * air pressure control device
  * boiler temperature controller
  * flame safeguard
  * gas solenoid valve
  * fan motor
  * gas pressure control device
  * safety temperature limiter
  * ignition transformer
  * current supply control unit


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