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HL 352


Technical Description

The unit features a viewing window built into the side of the boiler which enables the flame to be observed. The immediate results of different burner settings are directly visible. The unit contains a heatable domestic water tank as a second load. The system is equipped with all stipulated safety devices. All water circuit temperatures and flow rates together with the oil pressure and combustion chamber temperature are measured. An integrated hot water circuit with a plate heat exchanger simulates a central heating circuit. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB. The data acquisition software is included.

The system is supplied with an oil tank as standard. As accessories are three different burners available: fuel oil burner (HL 352.01), natural gas burner (HL 352.02) and propane gas burner (HL 352.03).

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- layout and operating behaviour of a boiler
- operation of a boiler with a burner (3 different burners available as accessories)
- modification of the settings during operation with observation of the effects on the flame
- temperature measurements in different areas of the combustion chamber
- oil pressure measurements on the burner with observation of the effects of changes on the flame
- investigation of the effects of oil preheating
- calculation of the thermal rating of a boiler
- function / temperature curve of a plate heat exchanger


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