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HL 320.07

- experiment module for the HL 320 "Solar Thermal Energy and Heat Pump" system
- can be used as heat sink or heat source
- option for heat transfer pipes in various lengths
- temperature and flow sensors for connection to the HL 320.05 controller module


Technical Description

Underfloor heaters transfer heat by piping systems arranged in a spiral or winding pattern beneath the floor covering. Underfloor heating requires much lower feed flow temperature than conventional radiators. Underfloor heating systems are particularly well suited for use with heating systems that use solar thermal collectors. 

Besides its function as a heat sink when used as an underfloor heating system, the HL 320.07 experiment module can also be used as a heat source for a heat pump in the HL 320 modular system. In this case, the direction of the heat transport is reversed.

HL 320.07 is equipped with three individually selectable piping systems of different lengths. The pipes are surrounded by a tank which can be filled with water if necessary. Sensors are mounted on the piping system to detect the temperature on the feed and return.

Heat quantities and energy balances can be calculated using these temperatures together with the measurement data from the integrated flow meter.  

Carefully structured instructional materials have been created for the intended module combinations with the HL 320.07 module. As part of the documentation for the overall HL 320 system, these materials set out the basic principles and provide a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- energy balance in combined heating systems for domestic hot water production and heating
- heat transfer in an underfloor heating system
- use of heat sources for heat pump systems
- learning objectives of the HL 320 modular system (see 2E website)


[1] Heat sink or heat source for the HL 320 modular system 
[2] Three selectable pipe lengths for heat transfer
[3] Flow meters and temperature sensors for determining the heat flows
[4] Tanks for hot or cold water
[5] Connections for transmitting measurement data to an external controller

Technical Data  
- lengths: 10m, 20m, 30m
- material: polyethylene
- wall thickness: 2mm
- outer diameter: 16mm
- operating pressure: max. 3bar
- volume: 200L
Measuring ranges
- temperature: 0...160°C
- flow rate: 0...1000L/h

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1500x 800x1700mm
Weight: approx. 95kg Required for Operation other modules of the HL 320 modular system

Scope of Delivery
1 trainer
1 set of instructional material for experiments with other HL 320 modules 

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