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HL 300


Technical Description

The trainer contains two independent heating circuits that are equipped with a three-way mixing valve and a four-way mixing valve.

The heat provided by an electric boiler can be dissipated via four different radiators. To investigate the full load behaviour of the boiler over an extended period, a plate heat exchanger is fitted in the domestic water circuit. The system has a closed water circuit with expansion vessel. Relevant temperatures and pressures are indicated on easy-to-read instruments.

The system is controlled using a state-of-the-art digital controller. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- familiarisation with the components of a modern heating system and their function
- operating behaviour of a digitally controlled heating circuit with three-way mixing valve 
- operating behaviour of a digitally controlled heating circuit with four-way mixing valve 
- investigations on a plate heat exchanger operated in counterflow
- investigation of pressure loss on different valves and fittings
- filling heating systems
- commissioning heating systems
- hydronic balancing of radiators
- determination of pump curves
- determination of pipework characteristics
- behaviour of system with air in the pipework


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