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GRS-6000A Series

  • Features

    • 50M/30MHz with 100MSa/s and 2 Channles
    • Equivalent Time Sampling of 500MSa/s max.
    • Acquire Mode : Peak Detect, Envelop, Persistence
    • Pre-Trigger Function 0 ~ 10 div
    • ROLL Mode to 100s/div
    • Waveform SAVE/RECALL 10 sets (REF0~REF9)
    • Max. Sweep Rate 10ns/div
    • Panel Setting SAVE/RECALL 10 sets (M0~M9)
    • RS-232C Interface


The GRS-6000A Series is a Real-Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscope, which provides both analog and digital storage features in one product. As original signals correctly represent and quickly update, the GRS-6000A Series allows users simultaneously to save the waveform. With Equivalent Time Sampling at 500MSa/s, the GRS-6000A Series are capable of reconstructing repetitive waveforms up to 50MHz/30MHz in an accurate and detailed fashion. The waveform storage could be done just by pressing the RUN-STOP button, or through the Single Trigger mode which captures single-shot events. 10 Reference Waveforms can be saved and recalled for waveforms comparison. Numerous functions, such as Average, Pre-Trigger, Roll mode, Peak Detect, Envelop, Persistence, and X-Y mode, are available to meet various measurement applications. The RS-232C Interface and the free Remote Control Software enable monitoring, remote controlling, and storing waveforms in PC.


  GRS-6052A GRS-6032A
Digital / Analog Digital + Analog

6" CRT

Bandwidth (MHz)


Number of Channel


Memory Depth

2k Words/CH

Sample Rate

100MSa/s (RTS)
500MSa/s (ETS)

 Vertical Resolution  8-bit
Vertical Sensitivity  1mV ~ 20V
Time Base Range 0.2μs/div ~ 100s/div
Input Impedance Selection  1MΩ
Auto Measurement -
Waveform Memory 10
 Panel Setup Memory 10
Auto-Set V
 Auto/Normal Trigger V
ALT Trigger  -
 TV Trigger V
Cursor Readout  V
 XY Mode V
Zoom  V
 Go/NoGo -
Zoom FFT  -
 Counter Function V
Function Generator  -
Logic Analyzer -
Data Logger -
Digital Storage V
Go/NoGo Output -
Interface RS-232C
SVGA Output -
Buzzer Alarm -
PictBridge Compatible -
Battery Power Operation -
LED Indicators -
Z-Axis Input V
LabView Driver -
Power Source AC 100/120/230V

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