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- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Independent Isolated Output
- 4.3 Inch LCD Display
- Setting & Read back Resolution 10mA / 1mA
- Output ON/OFF
- Analog Control (Remote I/O) for Output ON / OFF
- Set View function for checking an original V / I setting during output on
- Key Lock Function
- Tracking series and parallel operation
- Smart cooling fan achieving low noise
- Optional European Jack Type Terminal


GW Instek introduces the GPE-X323 series high resolution power supply to the global market. As a front-runner in the power supply manufacturing industry, GW Instek adheres to the policy of highest production quality so as to ensure the qualitative edge over the competitors. The GPE-X323 series features output power from 192 to 217 watts, three independent isolated output channels (GPE-X323), high resolution, low noise, high reliability, key lock function, and compact size. The GPE-X323 series has firmly established another new paradigm for GW Instek in manufacturing economy linear D.C. power supplies.


  GPE-4323 GPE-3323 GPE-2323 GPE-1326
Output Mode
Number of Channel CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 CH1 CH2 CH3 CH1 CH2 CH1
Voltage 0~32V 0~32V 0~5V 0~15V 0~32V 0~32V 5.0V 0~32V 0~32V 0~32V
Current 0~3A 0~3A 0~1A 0~1A 0~3A 0~3A 5A 0~3A 0~3A 0~6A
Tracking Series Voltage 0~64V ---- 0~64V ---- 0~64V ----
Tracking Parallel Current 0~6A 0~6A 0~6A
Constant Voltage Operation
Line Regulation ≦0.01%+3mV
Load Regulation ≦0.01%+3mV(rating current ≦3A)
  ≦0.02%+5mV(rating current >3A)
Ripple & Noise ≦1mVrms(5Hz~1MHz)
Recovery Time ≦100μs(50% Load Change, minimum load 0.5A)
Constant Current Operation
Line Regulation ≦0.2%+3mA
Load Regulation ≦0.2%+3mA
Ripple & Noise ≦3mArms
Tracking Operation(CH1,CH2)
Tracking Error ≦0.1%+10mV of Master(0~32V) No Load , with Load add load regulation≦100mV)
Parallel Regulation Line: ≦0.01%+3mV
Load:≦0.01%+3mV(rating current≦3A)
           ≦0.02%+5mV(rating current>3A)
Series Regulation Line: ≦0.01%+5mV
Ripple & Noise Load:≦100mV
CH3 Operation for (GPE-3323)
Output Voltage 5.0V, ±5%
Output  Current 5A
Line Regulation ≦3mV
Load Regulation ≦5mV
Ripple & Noise 1mVrms(5Hz~1MHz)
Voltage Resolution 10mV
Current Resolution 1mA
Setting Accuracy Voltage±(0.1% of reading +30mV)
Current±(0.3% of reading +6mA)
Readback Accuracy Voltage±(0.1% of reading +30mV)
Current±(0.3% of reading +6mA)
Chassis and Terminal 20MΩ or above (DC 500V)
Chassis and AC Cord 30MΩ or above (DC 500V)
Environment Condition
Operation Temp 0~40℃
Storage Temp -10~70℃
Operating Humidity ≦80% RH
Storage  Humidity ≦70% RH
Power Source AC100V/120V/220V±10%; 230V(+10%~-6%); 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight 210(W)x 155(H) x 306(D) mm ; Approx. 7kg

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