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GOS-6000 Series

- 2 Channels, 4 Traces:
- DC~50M/30MHz Bandwidth
- 1mV/div ~ 20V/div
- CRT Readout
- Cursor Measurement, 6 Digit Frequency Counter, 10 sets Memory for
- Front Panel Setting Save & Recall
- ALT, MAG Function (x 5, x 10, x 20)
- Vertical Mode Triggering
- TV Synchronization
- Buzzer Alarm & LED Indicators


The GOS-6000 Series Analog Oscilloscopes provides a remarkable combination of high performance and compact design in bandwidth ranging between 30 and 50 MHz. Coupled with various trigger functions, waveforms can be acquired and observed in diverse application fields. Signals can be magnified by a ratio of x5, x10 and x20 in the use of the ALT MAG function. Together with the Cursor Readout and Frequency Counter functions (GOS-6051/6031), the GOS-6000 Series offers tremendous value for your investment in testing and analysis.


  GOS-6051 GOS-6031
Digital / Analog Analog

6" CRT

Bandwidth (MHz)


Number of Channel


Vertical Sensitivity  1mV ~ 20V
Time Base Range 0.2μs ~ 0.5s
Input Impedance Selection  1MΩ
Auto Measurement -
Waveform Memory -
 Panel Setup Memory V
Auto-Set -
 Auto/Normal Trigger V
ALT Trigger  V
 TV Trigger V
Cursor Readout  V
 XY Mode V
Zoom  V
 Go/NoGo -
Zoom FFT  -
 Counter Function V 
Function Generator  -
Interface -
Buzzer Alarm V
Battery Power Operation -
LED Indicators V
Z-Axis Input V
Power Source AC 100/120/230V ±10%

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