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GL 300.10 Cutaway model electromagnetic single disk brake



  • Demonstration of complex machine elements and demonstration of their principle of operation


Using cutaway models it is possible to clearly demonstrate the operational principles of complex machine elements such as a multi-disc clutch, various gearboxes or a pedestal bearing. The GL 300.01 to GL 300.12 cutaway models form a meaningful addition to the assembly kits, models and model kits for the engineering drawing discipline.

In order to be able to use the cutaway models in engineering teaching, each model comes with standards-compliant and practical drawings and a technical description. Problems of engineering drawing, fasteners and machine parts or production and testing technology can be studied in a clear and practical manner using the cutaway models.

The cutaway models represent original components in which the active parts are clearly visible to the user while fully maintaining their mechanical functionality. Each of the cutaway models is securely mounted on a base plate, which also has handles to allow them to be carried. They are powered by hand.



[1] hand-powered cutaway model for demonstrating the function of an electromagnetic single disk brake
[2] industrial original component, fully functional cutaway model
[3] solid metal base plate, handles

Technical data

Electromagnetic single disk brake
- nominal rating: 21W
- permitted speed: 5400min-1
- permitted torque: 8Nm
- switching time
-- on: 68ms
-- off: 15ms
- new air gap value: 0,15...0,3

Dimension & Weight

LxWxH: 350x300x120mm
Weight: approx. 7kg

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