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GDS-300/200 Series

- 200/100/70MHz Handheld Oscilloscope
- 2 Input Channels
- 1GSa/s Maximum Sample Rate
- Maximum 5M Memory Depth Per Channel
- 7” 800 x 480 Full Touch Panel Capacitive LCD Multi-Point Control, Landscape and Portrait Display
- Built-In 50,000 Counts DMM
- 30,000 Consecutive Waveform Records Logging Function, Replay Measurement Results Any Time
- Temperature Measurement and Logging Function
- Built-In Engineering Calculator, SMD Resistance Coding, Color Coding Info, and Attenuator Calculation Application Software
- Optional Differential Probe to Achieve Isolation Effect


"GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes, the brand new concept compact digital oscilloscopes developed by GW Instek, introduce 7” capacitive full touch panel LCD which can be positioned in portrait and landscape display. The recharging-battery design makes the series easy to operate for field operations. The GDS-200/300 series are applicable in laboratories, R&D, large electric system tests, power product tests, motor tests, solar power battery inspection and repair, and maintenance personnel who are always on field assignments.
The GDS-200/300 series, with two analog signal input channels, have advanced and standard models which come with 70MHz, 100MHz and 200MHz bandwidth. The maximum sample rate per channel is 1GSa/s and memory depth is 5Mpts. GDS-300 series oscilloscopes are equipped with 50,000 counts DMM, and GDS-200 5,000 counts DMM which can simultaneously measure and monitor A.C. and D.C. voltage and current, and temperature. Trend plot in a long period of time can also be drawn that allows engineers to effectively monitor standard electric parameters while measuring basic circuit signals.
Optional 40 MHz dual-channel differential probe can achieve equivalent isolation results for measurement system under strict power and grounding environment. Users can also easily apply the oscilloscope as a very convenient USB storage equipment to store waveform images and raw data. Additionally, the oscilloscope can be connected with smart phones to transmit the recorded data. Engineers are aware of GW Instek oscilloscopes’ thoughtful designs through diversified application software. Advanced DMM function and GO/NOGO template editing facilitate users in conducting advanced diversified measurement functions. Engineering calculator, attenuation calculation analysis, and resistance indication analysis help users apply auxiliary functions that demonstrate the concept of powerful and comprehensive technological integration."


 Model  GDS-307 GDS-310 GDS-320 GDS-207 GDS-210 GDS-220
 Channels 2 (BNC-Shield)      
 Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, 16.5pf approx.      
Maximum Input   CAT II 300VRMS     
Input Coupling   AC, DC, GND     
 Bandwidth  DC~70MHz (-3dB) DC~100MHz (-3dB)   DC~200MHz (-3dB) DC~70MHz (-3dB)  DC~100MHz (-3dB)   DC~200MHz (-3dB)
 Rise time  <5ns  <3.5ns <1.75ns  <5ns  <3.5ns  <1.75ns 
 Sensitivity  2mV/div~10V/div (1-2-5 increments)     
 Accuracy  ±(3% x Readout + 0.1 div + 1mV)     
 Bandwidth Limit  20MHz(-3dB)     
 Polarity  Normal, Invert     
Offset Position Range   2mV/div~50mV/div : ±0.4V
100mV/div~500mV/div : ±4V
1V/div~5V/div : ±40V
10V/div : ±300V     
 Realtime sample rate 1GSa/s      
 Memory depth 5M points per ch    1M points per ch   
 Acquisition mode  Average: 2~256 waveforms
Peak detect: 10ns
sin(x)/x or ET     
 Replay wfms. 30,000 wfms.
 Source Ch1 or Ch2  
 Trigger mode Auto, Normal, Single, Force      
Trigger type Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Alternate   
 Trigger Holdoff 10ns ~ 10s      
Coupling AC, DC, LFR, HFR, NR  
 Sensitivity DC~25MHz: approx. 0.5div or 5mV
25MHz~ 70/100/200MHz: approx. 1.5div or 15mV      
 Range  5ns~100s/Div (1-2-5 increments)     
 Roll 100ms/div ~ 100s/div
Pre-trigger   10 div max.     
 Post_trigger 1,000 div max(depend on time base)
 Accuracy ±20ppm over any > 1ms time interval      
Phase Shift   ±3° at 100KHz     
 Cursors  Voltage difference between cursors(△V), Time difference between cursors(△T), frequency measure(1/△T)     
 Auto-measurement 36 sets.
 Auto-counter 6 digits. Range: 2Hz to rated bandwidth      
Autoset Available
 TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT Available    Non-Available   
Multi-Language Menu  Available
 On-line Help Available
 Time and Clock Available
Battery power  Li-polymer 6100mA/hr, 7.4V (Built-in)      
 Charge time  2.0 hour (75%)     
 Operation time  4.1 hour, depending on operating condition.     
   2V, 1KHz, 50% Duty cycle     
 USB  USB Device (Isolation)     
 Internal Flash Disk  120MB     
 Type  7 inch     
 Display resolution 480 x 800 pixels      
 Display direction  Landscape & Portrait     
 Backlight control  Manual adjustable, ECO mode     
 Touch panel  Capacitive     
 Line Voltage  AC 100V~240V, 48~63Hz, Power Consumption 40W     
DC Output   DC Output: 12V/3A, Double Shield     
 Differential Probe  Dual-channel, 40MHz, CAT II 600V     
  1.5Kg,  HxWxD(mm)  240mm x 136mm x60 mm      
 DMM (Digital Multi-Meter)
 DIGIT LEVEL   50,000 counts    5,000 counts  
 Range 50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V,  1000V  6 ranges      

GDS-307/310/320: 50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V ±(0.05% + 5 digits), 1000V ±(0.1% + 5 digits) 

GDS-207/210/220: 50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V ±(0.1% + 5 digits)

Input Impedance  10MΩ      
 Range  50mA, 500mA,  10A   3 ranges     
 Accuracy GDS-307/310/320: 50mA - 500mA, 2 Ranges, ±(0.1% + 5 digits), 10A ±(0.5% + 1 digits) 
GDS-207/210/220: 50mA - 500mA, 10A 3 Ranges, ±(0.5% + 1 digits)      
 Range  50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V, 700V  5 ranges     
 Accuracy  50mV, 500mV, 5V, 50V, 700V ±(1.5% + 15 digits) at 50Hz-1kHz     
 Range 50mA, 500mA, 10A 3 ranges      
 Accuracy  50mA, 500mA, ±(1.5% + 15 digits) at 50Hz-1kHz 
10A ±(3% + 15 digits) at 50Hz-1kHz

* Measure range: >10mA     
 Range 500Ω, 5kΩ, 50kΩ, 500kΩ, 5MΩ, 5 range      
 Accuracy 500Ω, 5kΩ, 50kΩ, 500kΩ ±(0.3% + 3 digits)
5MΩ ±(0.5% + 5 digits)

* Measure range: 50Ω to 5MΩ 
 DIODE TEST Maximum forward voltage 1.5V, Open voltage 2.8V      
 FUNCTIONS  Auto Range, Max, Min, Hold, Trend plot     

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