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ET 910.01

- Setup of simple refrigeration circuits
- Practice-oriented basic experiments using real components from within the industr


Technical Description

ET 910.10 enables in conjunction with ET 910, ET 910.05 and the accessory set ET 910.12 the design and performance of various basic experiments related to refrigeration. 

Commercial components are used in practical experiments. These components are mounted on plates ready to be connected and are arranged clearly in the frame of ET 910.05.   

The set includes simple refrigeration components, such as expansion elements and filters, as well as electrical components, e.g. switches and thermostat. The superheater included in the set is a heat exchanger ensuring the complete evaporation of the refrigerant before entering the compressor whilst the liquid refrigerant is supercooled upstream of the expansion element. The control behaviour of the expansion element is monitored at the flow meter. Manometers provide an insight to the pressure ratios in the refrigeration circuit. Via pressure and temperature measurements the change of state of the refrigerant can be tracked and entered into the log p-h diagram. The temperature is measured by interlaboratory thermometers.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Design of different simple refrigeration circuits
- Design, operation and adjustment of components
  * sight glass with filter/drier
  * flow meter
  * delivery and intake manometer
  * assembly aid
  * superheater
  * pressure-controlled expansion valve
  * thermostatic expansion valve
  * 3-pin circuit breaker
  * electric two-point thermostat with 
    switch hysteresis
  * suction line receiver
- Read and understand technical drawings and operating instructions
- Fault finding


[1] Components for the setup of simple refrigeration circuits in conjunction with ET 910
[2] Heat exchanger as superheater
[3] 3-pin circuit breaker
[4] Assembly aid: 4-port directional valve with sight glass
[5] Sight glass with humidity indicator
[6] Pressure-controlled expansion valve
[7] Thermostatic expansion valve 
[8] 2 thermostats with different temperature ranges
[9] Components mounted on plates ready to connect
[10] Abrasion-proof symbols and labels on plates

Technical Data

Pressure-controlled expansion valve 
- pressure range: 1...7bar
Thermostatic expansion valve
- evaporation temperature: -45°...20°C 
- valve insert rated capacity: 0,3kW 
Circuit breaker, 3-pin: 3kW 
2 electric thermostats
- -5...25°C 
- -25...5°C
Heat exchanger
- capacity: approx. 2.5kW at -10°C evaporation temperature
Measuring ranges
- pressure, high pressure side: -1...24bar
- pressure, low pressure side: -1...9bar
- flow rate: 3...41kg/h  

Dimensions and Weight
Plate height: 297mm
Weight: approx. 20kg

Scope of Delivery

12 components on plates:
1 pressure-controlled expansion valve
1 thermostatic expansion valve
1 circuit breaker
2 electric thermostats
1 heat exchanger
1 assembly aid
2 manometers
1 flow meter
1 sight glass with filter/drier
1 suction line receiver

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