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ET 300

- Clear experimental setup
- Closed hot water circuit


Technical Description

Quantitative investigations on a water-to-air heat exchanger can be performed using this trainer.

The trainer consists of a closed hot water circuit with heater, tank, pump and flow meter. Air is forced through the heat exchanger using a radial fan.

Water and air flow rate are adjustable. The flow rate of water is measured using an electromagnetic flow sensor and an orifice plate flow meter is used for the volumetric air flow rate measurement.

Energy balances can be established by measuring inlet and outlet temperatures. A pressure sensor in the water circuit enables the pump characteristic to be plotted. The measured values can be read on digital displays. At the same time, the measured values can also be transmitted directly to a PC via USB. The data acquisition software is included.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- determination of heat transfer rates of water and air
- determination of the efficiency or the loss
- plotting of the pump characteristic
- temperature and flow rate measurement
- energy balances



[1] transfer characteristics of a water-to-air heat exchanger
[2] water-to-air heat exchanger as cooler for hot water 
[3] electrical heater with thermostat
[4] closed hot water circuit including heater, tank and pump
[5] water flow and air flow rates adjustable
[6] determination of volumetric air flow rate via differential pressure at orifice plate flow meter
[7] electronic sensors with digital displays
[8] GUNT software for data acquisition via USB under Windows Vista or Windows 7

Technical Data


- power consumption: 470W
- max. flow rate: 4,2m³/h
- max. head: 20,5m

- material Cu/Al
- heat transfer area: 2,80m²
- capacity: 2kW
- water temperature: 70°C

Heater: 2kW

- power consumption: 0,25kW
- max. pressure difference: 430Pa

- max. flow rate: 13m³/min
Hot water tank: 28L

Measuring ranges
- temperature: 4x 0...100°C
- water flow rate: 0...6m³/h
- delivery pressure water: 0...4bar abs.
- air mass flow rate: 0...250g/s

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1730x800x1900mm
Weight: approx. 220kg Required for Operation 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 heat exchanger
1 GUNT software CD + USB cable
1 manual

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