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ET 262 Geothermal probe with heat pipe principle


  • Geothermal probe with heat pipe principle
  • Transparent components offer insight into the changes of state of the working medium


Technical Description

Geothermal energy refers to the use of thermal energy stored beneath the earth's surface. Depending on the type of piping system, a distinction is made between geothermal collectors and geothermal probes. 

ET 262 replicates a geothermal probe, which can be operated under different conditions. The trainer includes a heat pipe that works as a geothermal probe. The heat pipe is located in a tank with variable fill material that is heated using four controlled heaters. The working medium is pumped out of the storage tank and into the heat pipe from below. There, the working medium evaporates and is then condensed in a condenser. After condensation the working medium flows on the inner wall of the heat pipe, back for re-evaporation. This creates a closed circuit. 

The temperatures in the radial and vertical direction in the fill material, and the temperatures in the heat pipe are measured. In addition, temperature and flow rate in the cooling water are logged.  

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- investigation of radial and vertical temperature profiles 
- variation of the thermal load
- variation of the quantity of working medium contained  


[1] demonstration of the operation of a geothermal probe with heat pipe principle
[2] closed circuit
[3] variable quantity of working medium
[4] electrical heating controlled in sections 
[5] temperature measurement in radial and vertical direction in the fill material
[6] sensors for temperature and flow rate in the cooling water
[7] sensors for temperature, fill level and pressure in the heat pipe
[8] GUNT software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7 

Technical Data
4x controlled heaters: approx. 0...500W
Temperature sensor: 0...100°C
- in the fill material
- in the cooling water
- in the heat pipe

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: approx. 1500x790x1900mm
Weight: approx. 250kg Required for Operation 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Cooling water connection: approx. 10...300L/h, drain
Fill material: e.g. 200kg sand (grain size 1...2mm) 

Scope of Delivery
1 trainer, 1 packing unit of fill material, 1 CD with GUNT software, 1 set of instructional material

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