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ET 220.10

- Use of wind energy in stand-alone operation under real weather conditions
- Compact control unit with charge controller and electrical consumers
- GUNT software for data recording and analysis


Technical Description

The generation of power in wind power plants covers a significantly increasing proportion of energy needs worldwide. Both the conversion of the kinetic wind energy and the use and storage of the generated electrical power are crucial aspects in this context.

ET 220.10 is a compact control unit for the mobile wind power plant ET 220.01. The electrical energy from the ET 220.01 Wind Power Plant is fed into the stand-alone system of ET 220.10, which is independent from the power grid. 

The electrical energy is stored temporarily by means of a charge controller in an accumulator included in ET 220.01. As soon as the accumulator is charged, the excess electrical energy is dissipated in fixed resistors. This overcharge protection is triggered when the defined end-of-charge voltage is reached. It is indicated on the charge controller by means of an LED lamp. The wind power plant will continue to run under these conditions, and can provide electrical energy again instantaneously when needed. 

Within the stand-alone system the stored electrical energy of the accumulator can be absorbed with the help of electrical loads. Two lamps act as consumers. The energy is not intended to be supplied to a public power grid.

Sensors record the wind velocity and the rotor speed of ET 220.01 as well as the current and voltage of the stand-alone system. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB, where they can be analysed using the software included. In addition, digital displays indicate the wind velocity and rotor speed. The laboratory's own multimeters can be connected via lab jacks to measure and display current and voltage.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

in combination with the ET 220.01 Wind Power Plant:
- conversion of kinetic wind energy into electrical energy
- operating behaviour of a wind power plant under real weather conditions
- components, function and setup of a stand-alone system with a wind power plant
- energy balance of a stand-alone system with a wind power plant


[1] control unit for wind power plant ET 220.01 in stand-alone operation
[2] connections for wind power plant ET 220.01 and the accumulator in ET 220.01 on the rear
[3] charge controller with overcharge protection with fixed resistors
[4] 2 lamps as electrical loads (consumers)
[5] detection and display of the wind velocity and rotor speed of ET 220.01
[7] detection of current and voltage at different points of the stand-alone system
[8] additional measuring points for current and voltage using the laboratory's own measuring equipment

Technical Data

Charge controller
- nominal voltage: 12V
- max. charging voltage: 14,2V
- max. current: 40A
- control procedure: PWM

Electrical load (2 lamps)
- voltage: 12VDC
- power: 55W each
Measuring ranges
- wind velocity: 0,3...50m/s
- speed: 0...3000min-1
- voltage: 0...20VDC
- current: 0...35A

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1000x550x590mm
Weight: approx. 65kg Required for Operation 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Scope of Delivery
1 control unit
1 CD with GUNT software + USB cable
1 set of instructional material

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