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ET 144


Technical Description

The wiring of electrical components is a typical task in the field of refrigeration. Besides the design and operation of the individual components, knowledge about the interaction of the components in circuits is an important learning objective. Safety aspects also play an important role. With ET 144 this knowledge and these skills can be acquired. 

The electrical components are arranged clearly visible. All components are connected on terminal blocks. Using the cables included in the scope of delivery it is possible to set up different circuits correctly and operationally. Lamps simulate the consumers. All components are operated and tested with mains voltage to provide high relevance for practice.

There are electrical components for the start and operation of refrigerant compressors, such as e.g. electromagnetic start-up relay and capacitor. With a timer, circuits can be designed and examined for cyclical defrosting in refrigeration systems. This also includes the correct programming of the timer. Typical safety components, such as pressure switches, thermostats and circuit breakers are also included in the scope of delivery. These components enable the design and examination of a typical safety chain for refrigeration. 

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- read, understand, wire and test electric circuit diagrams
- design and operation of electrical components from refrigeration
  * start-up capacitor
  * operating capacitor
  * start-up relay
  * time relay
  * timer
  * circuit breaker
  * start-up current limiter 
  * contactors
  * pressure switch
  * thermostat
  * solenoid valve
- design and testing of a safety chain
- star / delta connection
- change of direction of rotation in an alternating current circuit
- safety aspects when handling mains voltage


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