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Didactic Brushless engine regulation unit RMBR-900

The power circuit is made up of a rectifier bridge, a filter condenser and a triphasic invertor based on IGBTs. In addition to this, it incorporates a crowbar circuit for protecting the equipment when the voltage in the bus increases through braking energy devolution.

The controls incorporated enable the function mode of the converter to be selected, in addition to enabling the parameters of the system to be adjusted:

  • External, internal, manual commands, ramps,…
  • Corrector parameters.
  • Regulation in current or in speed.
  • Limitation of maximum speed.

The speed and current may be displayed on the panel s LCD display, and additionally there are lights indicating the quadrant of the functioning of the motor and the activation of energy devolution system (braking).

The unit is equipped with a set of protection devices and alarms to facilitate analysis of any occurrence, guaranteeing total safety:

  • Maximum current.
  • Maximum temperature.
  • Maximum bus voltage.
  • Minimum bus voltage.
  • Control supply failure.
  • I2 x t protection.


Equipment designed for studying the functioning, adjustment and repair of AC brushless motor speed regulation.

The following basic content may be worked with:

  • Block diagram representation of control systems.
  • Torque regulation: detection of rotor position and set point generation.
  • Speed regulation, P and PI correctors.
  • Dissipative braking: the crowbar circuit.
  • Adjustment and tuning techniques.
  • Failure diagnosis and repair.


Reference 9EQRMBR900
Supply Monofásica 230 V- 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 0 a 196 V
Output frequency 0 a 200 Hz
Power 01 kW


Accessories supplied:

  • User’s manual and practical activities.

NECESSARY elements which are not supplied:

  • Brushless motor (page 14).
  • Braking system (page 14).

Optional elements:

  • Failure programming console (page 13).
  • Data collection and display system

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