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CT 300

- Test stand for single-cylinder experimental engine and two-cylinder engines up to 11kW
- Asynchronous motor used as load unit, also as starter motor


Technical Description

This test stand measures the power output of internal combustion engines delivering up to 11kW. The complete test stand consists of two main elements: The CT 300 as the control and load unit and a choice of engine: Single-cylinder experimental engine (CT 300.03, water-cooled), two-cylinder petrol engine (CT 300.04, air-cooled) and two-cylinder diesel engine (CT 300.05, water-cooled). 

The main function of the CT 300 is to provide the required braking power. The brake unit is an air-cooled asynchronous motor with an energy recovery unit. The braking speed can be precisely adjusted using a frequency converter. The recovery of the braking energy into the system provides for highly energy-efficient operation of the test stand. The torque is measured by means of a suspended brake unit and force sensor.

The engine is mounted on a base plate and connected to the asynchronous motor. The base plate is vibration-insulated, so no vibrations are transmitted to the surrounding environment. 

The asynchronous motor is initially used to start the engine. As soon as the engine is running, the asynchronous motor and energy recovery unit act as a brake for applying a load to the engine. The braking power is fed back into the electrical system. 

The lower section of the mobile frame contains fuel supply tanks and a stabilisation tank for the intake air. Two separate fuel gauge systems allow the quick change between diesel and petrol operation.

The switch cabinet contains digital displays for the speed, torque, air consumption and temperatures (engine cooling water inlet and outlet, exhaust gas, fuel and intake air). The fuel consumption and cooling water flow rate in the engine and the CT 300.01 calorimeter available as an option are displayed in analogue form. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB. The data acquisition software is included.

Lifting gear is required to exchange the engines.

The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

In conjunction with an engine (CT 300.03 - CT 300.05)
- plotting of torque and power curves
- determination of specific fuel consumption
- determination of volumetric efficiency and lambda (fuel-air ratio)
- determination of the frictional power (in passive mode)
- energy balances (for water-cooled engines)


[1] control and load unit for prepared four-stroke engines with a maximum power output of 11kW
[2] vibration-insulated base plate for mounting of the engine and the asynchronous motor
[3] asynchronous motor with energy recovery unit as brake generates engine load
[4] engine started by asynchronous motor
[5] force transmission from engine to brake via elastic claw coupling
[6] 2 separate fuel gauge systems
[7] stabilisation tank for intake air 75L
[8] potentiometer for continuous adjustment of braking speed
[9] measurement and display of temperatures (oil, fuel, air), engine load, engine speed, fuel consumption, air intake quantity, oil pressure
[10] measured value displays for engine: exhaust gas temperature and cooling water temperatures
[11] GUNT software for data acquisition via USB under Windows Vista or Windows 7

Technical Data

Asynchronous motor as brake
- nominal power output: 11kW at 3000min-1 
Energy recovery unit: 13kW
Measuring ranges
- torque: -200...200Nm 
- speed: 0...5000min-1
- intake air via differential pressure: 0...938L/min
- temperatures: 4x 0...120°C, oil: 1x 0...150°C, exhaust gas: 1x 0...900°C 
- cooling water flow rate: 0...250L/h
- oil pressure:  0...6bar

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 2100x790x1800mm (control cabinet)
LxWxH: 1550x800x910mm (base plate)
Weight: approx. 350kg Required for Operation
400V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Water connection: 500L/h

Ventilation and exhaust gas routing required

Scope of Delivery

1 test stand (without engine)
1 GUNT software CD + USB cable
1 set of connecting hoses, cables and tools
1 set of instructional material

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