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CT 100.22

- Test engine for use in CT 110 test stand


Technical Description

In conjunction with the CT 110 test stand, which includes a drive and brake unit, the four-stroke diesel engine is highly suitable for use in teaching the fundamentals of engine functioning and measurement.

The engine used here is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection. The engine is started by an electric motor mounted in the CT 110 unit. The air cooling is effected by blades attached to the flywheel. The brake unit is connected by way of a elastic claw coupling.

The engine is prepared for measurement of the cylinder pressure for indication, and additionally includes a sensor to measure the exhaust gas temperature. The sensor, ignition cut-off and fuel supply are connected to the CT 110 test stand.

The full load and partial load characteristic curves of the engine are plotted in experiments. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments

In conjunction with CT 110 test stand
- familiarisation with a four-stroke diesel engine
- plotting of torque and power curves
- determination of specific fuel consumption
- determination of volumetric efficiency and lambda (fuel-air ratio)
- determination of engine friction loss



[1] air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine for installation in the CT 110 test stand
[2] engine mounted on base plate
[3] force transmission to brake via elastic claw coupling
[4] engine complete with fuel hose and exhaust gas temperature sensor
[5] fuel hose with self-sealing quick-release coupling
[6] engine also available as biodiesel engine CT 100.24

Technical Data

Air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection
- power output: 4,5kW at 2700min-1
- compression ratio 22:1
- bore: 80mm
- stroke: 69mm

Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 420x410x480mm
Weight: approx. 43kg

Scope of Delivery

1 engine, complete with all connections and supply lines
1 manual

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