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CRG-199 Module

Functional description

The support comprises a triple-size training module: 250 x 216 x 130 mm.

It operates installed in a desktop vertical rack from where it gets its ± 15 V power required for operation. Interconnection with other modules in the test bench BNC-199 and DIANA software with a fast 26-pin connector.

2 mm sockets for external measurements and set values. 4 mm safety terminals input power (mains connection). Includes serigraph identifying the functional blocks. Has many advantages over other traditional load types (resistors, capacitor banks, inductances, etc.), Including the following:

  • Reduced volume: all possible load types in one module.
  • Improved Performance: Incorporates electronic circuitry which returns the energy to the power supply.
  • Safety: Incorporates protection against overloads and short circuits, as well as safety terminals for user protection.
  • Accuracy and resolution: Electronic control of electrical magnitudes (current amplitude and power factor).
  • Instrumentation built into the module itself.
  • Interconnection with other elements of the Test Bench BNC-199 tests and control from the PC with DIANA software.
  • Possibility of autonomous operation with manual or computer assisted control (general purpose data acquisition system).


Ref.: MDULCRG199

Electronic power load teaching module for power transformers and A.C. and D.C. rotary machines (single-phase and three-phase).

It has the ability to capture and control magnitudes by PC via a data acquisition system and DIANA software. The incorporated controls allow it to operate in accordance with the various types of passive loads:

  • Direct current resistive load.
  • Inductive load – resistive – single-phase capacitive.
  • Inductive load – resistive –three-phase capacitive.
  • Power factor variable between 0 and 1 (inductive and capacitive).


Power supply – Control: ± 15 VDC from the ALECOP support frame.


– Power: Single phase 190 to 250 Vac across safety terminals

Maximum power – 1 CV Direct Current


– 1 CV single phase alternating current

– 1 KW three-phase alternating current

Power factor Variable between 0 and 1 (inductive and capacitive)
Maximum input voltage – 250 V Direct Current


– 280 V AC single and three phase

Maximum intensity 10 A
Short-circuit switch Current variation between 0 and 100%
Module with integrated Instrumentation
through LCD display and magnitude selector push button
– Voltmeter


– Ammeter

– Wattmeter (active, reactive and apparent)

– Power Factor Meter

– Phase angle meter to measure the angle between voltage and current

– Frequency

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