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CE 310.05


Technical Description

Plug flow reactors are tubular reactors and are operated continuously. They allow analyses of chemical reactions under defined conditions.

CE 310.05 is part of a device series that enables experiments with different reactor types. In conjunction with the supply unit CE 310, it is possible to examine the function and behaviour of a plug-flow reactor in continuous operation. The supply unit CE 310 has a heating water circuit as well as all necessary connections, pumps, tanks for reactants and a product tank. In combination with WL 110.20 Water Chiller and the supply unit CE 310 it is also possible to cool the reactors.

CE 310.05 is mounted onto the supply unit and held by 2 pins in position. Quick-release couplings enable easy connection of the reactor to the supply unit.
In continuous operation, two pumps on the supply unit deliver the reactants into the reactor. The fixed bed with glass spheres results in a flow over the entire cross-section of the reactor. The product is formed by reaction of the reactants. The mixture of product and unconverted reactants leaves the reactor through the upper end. The mixture is transported into a tank of the supply unit via an additional peristaltic pump.

The retention time of the reactants in the reactor is adjusted via the speed of the pumps on the supply unit.

The conversion in the plug-flow reactor is determined by measuring the conductivity. A combined conductivity/temperature sensor is included in CE 310. Conductivity and temperature are digitally displayed on the switch cabinet of the supply unit. In addition, the measured values can be captured and processed with data acquisition software (included in CE 310).

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- fundamentals of a saponification reaction
- continuous operation
- conversion depending on
  * retention time
  * temperature
  * concentration
- retention time distribution


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