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Armoni plus Milling machine PC-controlled CNC machining centre for technical training

Standard configuration

  • Vertical milling machine with built-in safety devices.
  • Set of user and programming manuals.
  • Control software for PC.

Optional accessories

  • 8 position tool changer.
  • Parts securing device. (Manual jaws, corrected or pneumatic jaws).
  • ISO-30 tool holder cones. Clamps and cutters.
  • Support table for the machine and the PC.
  • Cooling system.
  • Silent compressor.
  • Winunisoft editing and simulation software.


This is a vertical milling machine controlled by PC HARMONY PLUS, an industrial concept adapted to education. Because safety is a major factor, with this product we offer an extremely safe solution adapted to the needs of the learning process. The optional incorporation of appropriate accessories converts this equipment into a complete machining center, that could be a part of a flexible system.

Multi CNC

Programming and visualization of FAGOR, SIEMENS and FANUC simulators.


Wincontrol multi-CNC Software

The program allows the user to simulate and execute the machining of a CNC programme, ISO code edited or defined by a CAD/CAM system, analysing the errors that may occur in this. The machine control is carried out through a realistic simulation of the control panel (FAGOR, SIEMENS, FANUC) with which the user is working. The main features of the programme are:

  • Assisted creation of new projects customised for the chosen control.
  • Graphic help menu for programming all ISO functions supported by the chosen control.
  • Control of the machine drives.
  • Execution of programs in automatic mode or single block.
  • Simulation of different tool geometries.
  • Simulation in various 3D views of the work-piece, tool and paths.
  • Section of the work-piece from different angles.
  • Selection of different colours for the different tools.
  • Collision detection of the tool and the handle with the part and the jaw chuck.
  • Printing of all the data, the CNC programme and the graphic representations.

To all of these features we must also include the high quality graphics that contribute to the speedy understanding of the simulated machining and to the clear detection of errors.


Technical characteristics


Longitudinal X travel 200 mm
Transversal Y travel 200 mm
Vertical Z travel 200 mm
Measurements of the work table 450 x 180 mm
Maximum spindle-table distance 320 mm
Spindle motor Three-phase asynchronous 1,5 Kw
Spindle taper ISO 30
Spindle motor rotation speed 100-4000 rpm
Axes advance motors Step 200 ppv
Maximum advance of axes 2500 mm/min
Electronic resolution 0,0025 mm
Door opening Automatic
Supply voltage 220 V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions of machine 970 x 750 x 900 mm
Approximate weight 310 Kg

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