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ALI-199 Module

The power required for its operation is:

  • Voltage: 190 ÷ 250 Vac 50/60Hz.
  • Maximum power: 1 Kw.

Includes serigraph identifying the functional blocks and components symbols.

Uses 2 mm. in diameter safety sockets which serve as testing points and 4 mm safety sockets diameter for the power supply (red).


Ref.: MDULALI199

Power supply module of the rest of the other modules of the ProLAB equipment using the profiles of the frame where it is housed.

It controls the power supply to other equipment modules providing single-phase voltage via safety terminals.

The support comprises a double-size training module: 250 x 144 x 130 mm.


Input supply voltage Single-phase 190 to 250VAC using a socket.
Mains Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz.
Output voltage ±15V c.c.
Maximum current 2 Amp.
Protections Input: using 10amp fuse
Output: Thermal Protection calculated at 2 Amp.
Outputs from the source Using the frame chassis and 2mm safety plugs.
Indications On light to indicate main supply and outputs from the active source.

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