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AFG-3000 Series

- Wide frequency range from 1uHz to 80/50MHz
- High 200MSa/s sampling rate
- 16-bit Amplitude Resolution
- Output from any section of 1M-point-long waveform
- 4.3" high resolution LCD display/on-screen help/Impedance switch
- Four ways to generate arbitrary waveform: Front Panel Operation
- CSV file uploading, Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR), Arbitrary
- Waveform Editing PC Software
- USB, RS-232, GPIB interface support


The AFG-3000 Series is arbitrary waveform generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms to meet users' diversified needs.

The AFG-3000 Series also provides a high 16 bit resolution, 200MSa/s sample rate and a 1M memory depth for editing arbitrary waveforms directly through the intuitive user interface. The Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR) function enables users to directly import waveforms from a GDS-2000 Series oscilloscope to the AFG-3000 via USB host, allowing users to edit waveforms and enhance measurement efficiency.
In addition, the AFG-3000 Series has switchable 50 Ohm and Hi-Z Impedances, built-in On-Screen Help for operation conveniently. Complete parameter settings and waveform can be displayed through 4.3-inch high-resolution TFT LCD. Through USB, RS-232, and GPIB, user can use dedicated PC software or IEEE488.2 commands to edit waveforms.


    AFG-3081 AFG-3051
Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, DC, Sin(x)/x, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Negative Ramp
Arbitrary Waveforms
ARB Function Built in
Sample Rate 200 MSa/s
Repetition Rate 100MHz
Waveform Length 1M points
Amplitude Resolution 16 bits
Non-Volatile Memory Ten 1M waveforms(1)
User define Output Section Any section from 2 to 1M points
User define Mark Output Any section from 2 to 1M points
Frequency Characteristics
Range Sine 80MHz 50MHz
Triangle, Ramp 1MHz
Resolution 1uHz
Accuracy Stability ±1 ppm 0 to 50℃
±0.3 ppm 18 to 28℃
Aging ±1 ppm, per 1 year
Tolerance  1 uHz
Output Characteristics(2)
Amplitude Range 10 mVpp to 10 Vpp( into 50Ω)
 20 mVpp to 20 Vpp(open-circuit)
Accuracy ± 1% of setting ±1 mVpp
(at 1 kHz,>10 mVpp)
Resolution 0.1 mV or 4 digits
Flatness ± 1% (0.1dB)  <10 MHz   
± 2% (0.2 dB) 10 MHz to 50 MHz 

± 10% (0.9 dB) 50 MHz to 70 MHz
± 20% (1.9 dB)
 70 MHz to 80 MHz 
(sinewave relative to 1 kHz)
Units Vpp, Vrms, dBm,
Offset Range ±5 Vpk ac +dc (into 50Ω)
±10Vpk ac +dc (Open circuit)
Accuracy 1% of setting + 2 mV+ 0.5% of amplitude
Waveform Output Impedance 50Ω typical (fixed)
> 10MΩ (output disabled)
Protection Short-circuit protected
Overload relay auto-matically disables main output
SYNC Output Level TTL-compatible into>1kΩ
Impedance 50Ω nominal
Sinewave Characteristics
Harmonic Distortion(5) –60 dBc   DC~1 MHz, Ampl<3 Vpp
–55 dBc   DC~1 MHz, Ampl>3 Vpp
–45 dBc   1MHz~5 MHz, Ampl>3 Vpp
–30 dBc   5MHz~80 MHz, Ampl>3 Vpp
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.2%+0.1mVrms
DC to 20 kHz
Spurious (non-harmonic)(5) –60 dBc   DC~1 MHz –50 dBc   1MHz~20MHz –50 dBc+ 6 dBc/octave 1MHz~80MHz
Phase Noise -65dBc typical 10MHz, 30 kHz band
-47dBc typical 80MHz, 30 kHz band
Square wave Characteristics
Rise/Fall Time <8 nS(3)
Overshoot < 5%
Asymmetry 1% of period+1 ns
Variable Duty Cycle 20.0% to 80.0% ≦ 25 MHz   
  40.0% to 60.0% 
Jitter 0.01%+525ps  < 2 MHz
0.1%+75ps  > 2 MHz  
Ramp Characteristics
Linearity  0.1% of peak output
Variable Symmetry 0% to 100%
Pulse Characteristics
Period 20ns 2000s
Pulse Width 8ns 1999.9s Minimum Pulse Width:
     8nS when FREQ≦50MHz 
     5% of setting period when FREQ≦6.5MHz 
     1nS when FREQ≦50MHz 
     1% of setting period when FREQ≦6.5MHz
Overshoot <5%
Jitter 100 ppm +50 ps
AM Modulation
Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Arb
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Up/Dn Ramp
Modulating Frequency 2 mHz to 20 kHz
Depth 0% to 120.0%
Source Internal / External
FM Modulation
Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Up/Dn Ramp
Modulating Frequency 2 mHz to 20 kHz
Peak Deviation DC to 80 MHz DC to 50 MHz
Source Internal / External
Carrier Waveforms Square
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Up/Dn Ramp
Modulating Frequency
2 mHz to 20 kHz
Deviation 0%  100.0% of pulse width
Source Internal / External
Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse
Modulating Waveforms 50% duty cycle square
Internal Rate 2 mHz to 100 kHz
Frequency Range DC to 80 MHz DC to 50 MHz
Source Internal / External
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Arb
Type Linear or Logarithmic
Direction Up or Down
Start F / Stop FREQ 100 uHz to 80 MHz 100 uHz to 50 MHz
Sweep Time 1 ms to 500 s
Trigger Single, External, Internal
Marker Falling edge of Mark signal 
(Programmable frequency)
Source Internal / External
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp
Frequency 1 uHz to 80 MHz(4) 1 uHz to 50 MHz(4)
Burst Count 1 to 1000000 cycles or Infinite
Start / Stop Phase -360.0to +360.0
Internal Period 1 ms to 500 s
Gate Source External Trigger
Trigger Source Single, External or Internal Rate
Trigger Delay    N-Cycle, Infinite: 0s to 85 s
External Modulation Input
Type for AM, FM, Sweep, PWM
Voltage Range ± 5V full scale
Input Impedance 10kΩ
Frequency DC to 20 kHz
External Trigger Input
Type for FSK, Burst, Sweep
Input Level TTL Compatible
Slope Rising or falling(selectable)
Pulse Width > 100 ns
Input Impedance 10kΩ,DC coupled
Latency Sweep < 10 us (typical)
Burst < 100 ns (typical)
Jitter Sweep 2.5 us
Burst 1 ns; except pulse,300 ps
Modulation Output
Type for AM, FM, Sweep, PWM
Amplitude Range 1Vpp
Impedance > 10kΩ typical (fixed)
Trigger Output
Type for Burst, Sweep
Level TTL Compatible into 50Ω
Pulse Width > 450 ns
Maximum Rate 1 MHz
Fan-out 4 TTL load
Impedance 50Ω typical
Marker Output
Type for ARB, Sweep
Level TTL Compatible into 50Ω
Fan-out 4 TTL load
Impedance 50Ω typical
Store/Recall 10 Groups of Setting Memories
Interface GPIB, RS232, USB
Display 4.3 inch TFT LCD
480 × 3 (RGB) × 272
System Characteristics
Configuration Times 
Function Change:
      Built-In Arb- >240ms
Frequency Change: 24ms
Amplitude Change: 50ms
Offset Change: 50ms
Select User Arb: < 2s for 1M points
Modulation Change: < 200ms
Arb Download Times
Binary Code ASCII Code
GPIB / RS-232 (115 Kbps) USB(Device) USB(Host)
1M points 189 Sec 34 Sec 70 Sec
512K points 95 Sec 18Sec 35 Sec
256K points 49 Sec 9 Sec 18 Sec
64K points 16 Sec 3 Sec 6 Sec
16K points 7 Sec 830mS 1340 mS
8K points 6 Sec 490mS 780mS
4K points 6 Sec 365mS 520 mS
2K points 5 Sec 300mS 390 mS
General Specifications
Power Source  AC100240V , 5060Hz
Power Consumption 65 VA
Operating Environment Temperature to satisfy the specification :  18 ~ 28C
Operating temperature : 0 ~ 40C
Relative Humidity: 
 80%, 0 ~ 40°C
 70%, 35 ~ 40°C
Installation category: CAT 
Operating Altitude 2000 meters
Pollution Degree IEC 61010 Degree 2, Indoor Use
Storage Temperature  -10 ~ 70C, Humidity: 70%
Dimensions (WxHxD)  Bench Top : 265 (W) x 107 (H) x 374 (D)
Weight Approx. 4kg
Safety Designed to EN61010-1
EMC Tested to EN 55011, IEC-61326-1
Accessories GTL-110× 1
  Instruction Manual×1
Power cord×1
(1). A total of ten waveforms can be stored.(Every waveform can composed of 1M points maximum.)
(2). Add 1/10th of output amplitude and offset specification per ∘C for operation outside of 0∘C to 28∘C range (1-year specification).
(3). Edge time decreased at higher frequency.
(4). Sine and square waveforms above 25 MHz are allowed only with an "Infinite" count.
(5). Harmonic distortion and Spurious noise at low amplitudes is limited by a -70 dBm floor.

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